San Antonio High School Senior Session

Ok, I wanted find a funny gif today to show how indecisive I am…but of course I am so indecisive, I couldn’t decide on one, lol! I have spent the better part of the afternoon, trying to figure out which image I was going to Sneak Peak…but of course…I have hundreds to choose from.  This…


What I love most about photographing newborns…is the baby!

Small Wedding Photographer

Weddings are probably one of my favorite things on earth. I just love the event, the dresses, and everything else in between.  So why am I not a wedding photographer? Large weddings wear me out! I love creating meaningfull images..but that is often hard to do in the 6th and 7th hour of a wedding….

2017 Bluebonnet Sessions underway!

So bluebonnets are sprouting early this year and its always so exciting finding the new spots. DID I say EXCITING…sometimes finding the right spot in San Antonio can be a bit challenging. So luckily 2 of my neighbors have a lovely patch in their yard and they are willing for me to use as long…

Holiday Card Specials for 2016

The one thing I have looked forward too every year is received cards created by my friends and customers (friends)!  Its so exciting to see how you will use the images!  This year is no different, I still have the Tiny prints store with discounts, So please feel free to create your card here!  

Where is she now? The Saga of a photographer turned mom!

So for the past 12 years I have had various studios around town, with my favorite being downtown and in King William.  But as my family grew, I decided to move up north to be closer to my kids school. Although this sounded like an amazing idea, I found that I really missed being downtown….

Bluebonnet Session Now Booking

I can’t believe how obsessed I have become with these flowers.  It has become a household joke with @grace.loehr  making fun of me on a daily basis!   Every time we drive some where, at lease on of my minions is screaming…”there is a bluebonnet!” So that said…for the next 2-3 weeks…I will take my allergy…