1. Decide if you need hair and makeup.  For girls makeup is a little heavier than usual.  We don’t want it to look “unnatural” but typically more foundation is worn than usual.
  2. Don’t want to hire a make up artist.  Sometimes the Mall or Sephora will do your makeup for a nominal purchase.  WE have an awesome make up person we recommend…or maybe you follow @wakeupandmakeup on Instagram and want to do it on your own!
  3. Hair:  for versatility…make sure you bring some hair bands or clips, so you can have a few different looks.
  4. and thinking of hairbands…make sure they are not on your wrist!!
  5. Wrist…bring bracelets…and other jewelry…
  6. Hats…we love them
  7. Clothes.  2 important things.  Bring clothes in different color combinations and layer your outfits for different looks without having to change a million times.
  8. Some dresses and tops look great in person but look bulky in photos…make sure some of your wardrobe is tailored.  Not sure if it looks good, but its your favorite?  Bring it anyways.
  9. How many outfits.  Depends on how long of session you booked, but we say no LESS than 3 outfits.


  1. Bring hair product…just in case.
  2. 3 outfits.  Mom…if you are picking this out, then one you like, one he likes and one that might be a bit more formal.  Other ideas include sports outfits and college T-shirts.

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