2021 Seniors Photo Sessions still Available.

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Still needing Senior Pictures? The weather will be perfect for the next month and with Day Light Savings Time…we get more hours to shoot in the evening, so that means we can accommodate Weekday Evening Sessions. Sessions starting at $200. Date we have available are Weekends April 10th, 11th and 17th 4 pm-8pm. Fridays April 2, 9, 16 and a few various weekday (call or email for appt)

Seniors session are done on location of your choice. We ask that you pick a place or places that represent your personality. If you have no idea…we can recommend. Stuck on outfit choices? Choose at lease 3-4, one that you like, one your mom likes lol, one that grandma approves of and one that is out of the box (think prom dress, or formal wear or even a headshot for when you apply for things in college or it could be your hobby, etc)

When picking outfits try not to pick all the same color. Change it up a bit. Also, layering your outfits can give you more looks without having to change a million times. Try to wear your hair a couple of different ways if you are a girl.

If you are a boy, make sure you haircut is at least a week old if you can. We will make it fast and fun, so come with your best attitude and we will get it done so you can be on your way!

San Antonio Senior pictures and portraits
San Antonio Senior Price Sheet

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