2021 UPDATE! Limited Santa Sessions this year.

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Hello everyone and can you believe it is almost the end of the year.  So I am excited to be doing Santa this year for the 11th year. But this year will be a bit different.  I will be setting up the Santa Set at my house, outside.  The theme is BOHO Santa!

The reason for the limited sessions this year is due to the fact that I had a mini-stroke in August of this year. Although I am recovering nicely, I have had a few bumps in the road. So I am having to take it a bit easier than usual.  Which has been hard for me because I am a busy body.  So If you missed the announcement or if I haven’t been in touch this is the reason why.

Booking link

Dates:  Nov. 13th 2-4 Nov. 14th 2-4 (full) and Nov. 27th

Includes:  15 minutes with Santa, 6-8 digital images delivered electronically.


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