San Antonio High School Senior Session

Ok, I wanted find a funny gif today to show how indecisive I am…but of course I am so indecisive, I couldn’t decide on one, lol!

I have spent the better part of the afternoon, trying to figure out which image I was going to Sneak Peak…but of course…I have hundreds to choose from.  This is one of those sessions that makes my job a bit harder, and not bc the senior was terrible, but because she was so awesome! And I over shot bc she was so awesome…but hey we had fun and here are a few of the images…and I am posting them now before I change my mind!


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  1. Sunny McFall says:

    I am interested in some price and see what your availability is for a senior portrait session.


    1. Nikki L says:

      We have availability this week during spring break and now in the evening since it is staying light longer. Weekends are hit or miss. Please feel free to email me for specific dates or times.


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