Small Wedding Photographer

Weddings are probably one of my favorite things on earth. I just love the event, the dresses, and everything else in between.  So why am I not a wedding photographer?

  1. Large weddings wear me out! I love creating meaningfull images..but that is often hard to do in the 6th and 7th hour of a wedding.
  2. The stress…I like low key. So I find that VERY small or 2nd weddings are alway less stressful and definitely more meaningful.
  3. WEEKENDS…now that I have very busy kids… weekends are few and far between. So I couldn’t possibly be a full time wedding photographer.  BUT I can BE an EVERY ONCE in a while, SMALL, INTIMATE, wedding photographer, by Referral ONLY!!

Cheers to Second Chances! {heart} nikki


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