2017 Bluebonnet Sessions underway!


So bluebonnets are sprouting early this year and its always so exciting finding the new spots. DID I say EXCITING…sometimes finding the right spot in San Antonio can be a bit challenging. So luckily 2 of my neighbors have a lovely patch in their yard and they are willing for me to use as long as I don’t “squish” the bluebonnets. SO if you have a pet or just a few kids…we are accommodating those session first while we wait for the fields to sprout up.

Sessions start on Wed. May 15th….email nikki@moxiephotostudio.com for times and locations.

Session Details:

Mini Session:  20 minutes, 8-10 retouched images, Print release, 50% off prints or canvas! $275

Full session:  45 minutes, 15-20 retouched images, print release and 16×20 canvas. $450 

Lighting… most will only shoot during the golden hour of light, the hour before sunset or early in the AM, we can shoot all day, but depending on the style of photography you like…the time of day will make a difference in the style of the photo!  See below for the different styles based on shoot in full sun, in the evening or on a cloudy day!

What to wear:  based on my years in the bluebonnets, I wll tell you…if you are not wearing boots you run the risk of getting bit by ants or getting something in your shoe!!!  Of course for non walkers… shoes are not important…but a toddler is a different story. For clothing…think of style? Classic, Fun, Retro, or create your own!

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