Where is she now? The Saga of a photographer turned mom!

So for the past 12 years I have had various studios around town, with my favorite being downtown and in King William.  But as my family grew, I decided to move up north to be closer to my kids school. Although this sounded like an amazing idea, I found that I really missed being downtown.  My heart is urban and my life is Suburban.  So i have decided to take a studio break for awhile.  I had only recently shared this with a handful of close friends and clients…but now I need to inform the rest of you that I am currently studioless. I always felt that being studioless made me less of a photographer.  Oh, she is not a real photographer if she can’t run a studio. AND…the reality is I can’t run a studio and a household with 5 kids and a husband. So whether I cry Uncle or breath a sigh of relief, I will spend the summer trying to find a home for my mobile studio and trying to renew my creative juices.  YES I am still doing photography, but on my own time and terms.  {insert Love You emoji}

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