Bluebonnet Session Now Booking


I can’t believe how obsessed I have become with these flowers.  It has become a household joke with @grace.loehr  making fun of me on a daily basis!   Every time we drive some where, at lease on of my minions is screaming…”there is a bluebonnet!”

So that said…for the next 2-3 weeks…I will take my allergy medicine (this is a whole story in itself) and venture out trying to avoid fire ants!  I have found a couple of pretty decent spots.  But if you have an awesome private property I can use for a few house on a weekend…I would be willing to swing a free session your way!

ALSO…if you are wanting to learn to take a better picture yourself…ask about our Mentoring session!

Happy Bluebonnet season everyone!

Book HERE!


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