Photo classes are back for a limited time!


San Antonio Photography class
Learn about your digital SLR in a hands on photography class.

Almost everywhere I go, I am asked to help with someones camera or asked for advice.  Which I am always happy to do.  This year is FLYING by and I realized I have only done 1 class.  I usually allocate Jan-Feb. for classes…but I guess a little thing called LIFE got in the way.

Our first class is going to be a little different than my others.  I am a big proponent of learning the Exposure Triangle. Yes…go ahead and google that!  But I do find that most people have a hard time RECOGNIZING light!  So I am going to combine the two this time around!

Other classes that I have in the works is:

Adobe Lightroom.  It really is a great way to organize your photos and do some minor and maybe even major touchups!

Photography for YOUTH  I find middle and High schoolers are just sponges for this information. I love teaching the young adults how to take photos. Our first class is going to be limited to 6th-12 Grade. But if you are interested in a mommy and me session for your younger child 3rd grade-5th…let me know.

Posing  I find that a majority of the photos I critique usually have some kind of posing issue…sometimes over posed sometimes needing a little posing.

PHOTOGRPAPHY 101.  Got a new dSLR…how no idea how to use it. this class will be for beginners only!

Private lessons are available!  contact me at


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