New Year, New Me, New Site and that may be all I can handle.


I had a blog and website since 2005 and what I realized at the end of the year when my website was down, was that I hadn’t updated a thing in ALMOST 2 years.  I had totally given up my blog which I do dearly loved. AND my website…well lets not even go there.  So surprised I could even get business.  I wasn’t even practicing what I preached.

But then Again…last year I wasn’t even sure I wanted to continue with photography.  You see I am a Creative, not really a Photographer. I know…you are like…umm…I thought you were a photographer.  Well, I decided not really…because everyone with a camera these days is a photographer, right?  Not sure how many times I heard about ones neighbor, friend or the person down the road.  I’m not snobby or pretentious, I am not “just a photographer.”  What I did realize is that I am not longer on the photo scene, I am not vying to be MS. popular, I am just trying to make a living creating the best images possible.  So after my moment of…I think I will close up shop…I took the fall to do some new things, clients allowed me to do my thing and what I realized is that I loved what I do.  What I do, not what anyone else does.  So thank you clients…I mean friends…who stayed with me and allowed me to love my passion again.

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